who we are

About Camping Stick Kids

Camping Stick Kids exist to equip young men and women to know the gospel message and to go and share it with others. We partner with like minded ministries so that the world is reached and lives are changed.

Our founder Eldon Babcock was the 2015 John Avery Whittaker Award winner! Click the link below to listen to our podcast on Focus on the Family.

Our Curriculum Specialist, Joleen Steel, has published over twenty times with The Old Schoolhouse magazine. Watch for her upcoming article in the 2024 spring issue of TOS magazine’s print issue.  Click the Camping with Jesus picture below to find the Camping Stick Kids Bible study materials.

Our mission

Our mission is to ground the emerging generation in a robust, resilient Christian faith that empowers them to reach their peers for Christ.

Our vision

Our vision is to reach tens of thousands of children with the gospel message in the next five years.

Our story

In 2014 Camping Stick Kids began with three dollars in a bible. From that small mustard seed, God provided a molder to make sticks, a writer to create content, a CEO to guide us, godly people to join our board, and partnerships to help us reach children all around the world. Today, we continue to grow and advance the mission set before us. For more about our story head over to our media page.